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1. Name
     1.1. The name of this walking group is “Out on Sunday” (“The group”)
2. Purposes
     2.1. The purposes of the group are
       2.1.1. to promote moderate walking as an aid to physical and mental wellbeing
       2.1.2. to encourage a lifestyle which incorporates regular exercise and
       2.1.3. to provide an opportunity to socialise and establish a network of friends.
3. Trustees
     3.1. The group shall be managed by a committee of trustees who are appointed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the group.
4. Carrying out the purposes
     4.1. The group shall aim to achieve its purposes by arranging local walks, eating out, excursions and other social activities as determined by the trustees
     4.2. For the purposes of the group the trustees have the power to
       4.2.1. raise funds, receive grants and donations
       4.2.2. apply funds to carry out the work of the group
       4.2.3. co-operate with and support other bodies with similar purposes
       4.2.4. do anything which is lawful and necessary to achieve the purposes.
5. Membership
     5.1. The club shall have a membership which will be open to anyone who
       5.1.1. identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community or
       5.1.2. though not part of that community nonetheless supports it and the purposes of the club and
       5.1.3. is in any event aged 18 or over
     5.2. Members must observe the rules of conduct of the which group may include but will not be limited to matters of health and safety, equality, respect and privacy
     5.3. Applications for membership
       5.3.1. shall be by registration on the group’s website or in such a manner as determined by the trustees and
       5.3.2. may be declined by them (in which case registration will not be confirmed) and
       5.3.3. will imply acceptance of the conditions in paragraphs 5.1 and 5.2 above
     5.4. Applicants whose registration is accepted become eligible members of the group and remain so until resignation or removal in accordance with paragraph 5(7) below
     5.5. The trustees will keep an up-to-date membership list
     5.6. A member shall cease to be an eligible member if any sum due to the group by the member is unpaid for thirty days from the due date
     5.7. The trustees may remove a person’s membership if the member shall cease to be an eligible member or they believe it is in the best interests of the group. The member has the right to be heard by the trustees before the decision to remove is made and can be accompanied by a friend
6. Annual General Meeting
     6.1. The AGM shall
       6.1.1. be held each year, normally in January or close thereto and
       6.1.2. 14 days’ notice will be given to all members and
       6.1.3. minutes of the AGM will be kept and made available to members.
     6.2. There must be present at the start of the AGM at least six eligible members (of whom not more than three may be retiring trustees)
     6.3. Every eligible member has one vote
     6.4. The trustees shall present the annual report and accounts for the prior year ending 31st December
     6.5. The members shall
       6.5.1. elect the Chair the Treasurer the Secretary and up to four other trustees to serve for the next year
       6.5.2. set the annual subscription fee for the following year beginning 1st January.
     6.6. Any eligible member may stand for election as a trustee. All trustees will retire at the next AGM but may stand for re-election.
7. Trustee Meetings
     7.1. Trustees shall hold at least three meetings each year. They may act by majority decision and may make reasonable additional rules to help run the group but these rules must not conflict with this constitution or the law
     7.2. At least three trustees must be present at the meeting to be able to take decisions. Minutes must be kept for every meeting and made available to members
     7.3. If trustees have a conflict of interest they must declare it and leave the meeting while the matter is being discussed or decided
     7.4. During the year, the trustees may
       7.4.1. appoint up to two additional trustees and
       7.4.2. fill casual vacancies
8. Money and property
     8.1. Money and property must be held in the name of the group and may only be used for the group’s purposes.
     8.2. Trustees must keep accounts which
       8.2.1. may be viewed by any member on request
       8.2.2. will be subject to independent inspection each year
       8.2.3. will be presented to the AGM
     8.3. Trustees cannot receive any money or property from the group except to refund reasonable out of pocket expenses
     8.4. Money must be held in the group’s bank account and all bank transactions must be authorised by two trustees.
9. General Meeting
     9.1. The Trustees
       9.1.1. may call a General Meeting (GM) to consult the membership, and
       9.1.2. must call a GM if they receive a written request signed by at least six eligible members of the group
     9.2. Members must be given 14 days’ notice of and the reason for the meeting
     9.3. There must be at least six eligible members (other than trustees) present at the start the GM.
     9.4. Except in the case of those made under section 10 below, all decisions will be made by simple majority. Minutes must be kept and made available to members
10. Changes to the Constitution and Winding Up
     10.1. If the trustees consider it is necessary to change the Constitution or to wind up the group they must give notice at the AGM or call a GM so that the membership can make the decision. All members must be given 14 days’ notice of and be told the reason for the meeting. All decisions require a two thirds majority of those present and minutes must be kept and made available to members.
     10.2. Changes to the Constitution cannot be made if they conflict with the purposes of the group
     10.3. On Winding up any money or property remaining after payment of debts must be given to a group
     10.4. This Constitution was adopted

on the     9th day of  April 2021     by the people whose signatures appear below. They are the Interim Steering Committee of the group. They will be the trustees and conduct the business of the group according to this Constitution until the next AGM, which must be held within one year of the date of this document

       Signed                                             Name and Address (block capitals)

1.    Philip Gledhill   
2.    David Hibbert
3.    Geraint Watkins
4.    Patrick Pope