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We want to encourage as many OOS members as possible to lead walks for the group. So if you are new to leading, these notes are intended to help in planning your walk . If you would like some support from an experienced leader in organising or leading your first walk, this can be arranged – just ask!

Walk features  These are general guidelines and walks that don’t fit these criteria can be included in the programme but please bear in mind that fewer people may book on to walks that are further away or longer, most of our walks can be charecterised as :

Grading of walk  

Easy: Typically fairly short walks of 4 to 5 miles in length, be along well made paths, pavements, country lanes or canal towpaths and be largely on flat or gently sloping terrain. Examples: Altrincham Circular; Tatton Park.
Moderate: Typically slightly longer walks of 5 to 7 miles in length.They may include steeper gradients or flights of steps. They may include obstacles such as stiles as well as uneven terrain. Examples: Styal Woods; Lyme Park
Challenging: Typical these would be longer walks of 6 to 8 miles in length. They may include extended climbs and descents along steep paths or flights of steps.; uneven or rocky paths with trip hazards such as exposed tree roots; Obstacles such as vertical stiles or stiles in poor condition. Examples: Miller’s Dale; Stoodley Pike
*Please note that the above grades are for general guidance only. Walkers should contact walk leaders if they have any concerns or require further details.

Walk details  Leaders prepare this information for publilcation on the website about a week before the walk. The following points should be covered:

Risk assessment  Before publishing details of the walk, leaders carry out a recce and risk assessment of the route to identify any potential hazards and measures to avoid or mitigate them, this is incorporated in the walk details.

Posting walk details on the website

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