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Agenda for the Annual General Meeting
To be held at the Holiday Inn Hotel, 25 Aytoun St Manchester M1 3AE
on Monday 17 January 2022 at 7.00pm
1. Opening and Formalities
a. Appointment of Chair   with consent of the Meeting
b. Quorum
c. Apologies for absence
d. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
2. Reports
a.  Annual Report (by Secretary or Chair)
b.  Treasurer’s Report on presentation of
      Statement of Account: year ending 31 December 2021
3. Group Business Items
a.  Adoption of Walk Programme 2022
    (with time for discussion, length of season, frequency of walks)
b  Choice of location Weekend Away 2022 (from shortlist of three)
c. Subscription fee 2023
d. Election of Officers and other Trustees
4. Members’ Notified Business
This is the opportunity for members to raise issues for discussion 
5, Any other business
This should be confined to non-contentious and non-substantive items
6. Date of next meeting
The next Annual General Meeting will be on Monday 16 January 2023 
Venue to be confirmed