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Walks suspended …….. again! but ….

Good news

This month we have had the very good news that two of the coronavirus vaccines have passed the necessary standards for immediate use. There is a programme in place for the immunisation of the whole population, starting with the oldest first. But ..

Bad news

From today (31 December 2020) a large part of NW England, including Greater Manchester and many neighbouring areas are re-designated to Tier 4, with remaining areas moving to Tier 3. This means that the concession permitting larger organised group walks no longer applies. Consequently, all Out on Sunday group walks are suspended with immediate effect.

The designation to Tiers will be reviewed fortnightly (on 13 and 27 January ) and the Tier system itself ends on 3 February, when Parliament may extend it to 31 March or replace it with another system of restrictions. It may be some time before we can resume group walks, but we will try to keep you informed via Updates – so keep checking the website.


During the suspension, the WhatsApp group will still be available. If you would otherwise be walking alone, you are allowed one other person from from a different household to join you. Invitations can be made or accepted through WhatsApp. But only to walk in pairs: any larger groups risk a fine!

Well, it’s not the start we would have wished for 2021, but let’s be positive and anticipate a rapid dissemination of the vaccine and a resumption of Out on Sunday walks very soon. 

 Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and all the best things in 2021.

Dave, Geraint, Patrick and Phil