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Walk leader : Malcolm and John         
Walk details : A totally rural 5 mile walk with fine fell views especially of Pendle Hill starting at 16th century St  Leonard’s church and the Black Bull inn in Old Langho. It includes a section of the Roman road from Ilkley to Ribchester as well as a lovely stretch of the mature river Ribble -a popular spot for picnics and bathing. The walk itself is of moderate difficulty apart from 2 steep descents and ascents to Dinkley brook. Also a missing stile means a challenging climb over a high fence. Good field, wood and riverbank footpaths plus quiet country lanes make up the walk. Boots suggested for paths that can become slippery and muddy.
No refreshments en route but there is the Black Bull at the finish for food and drinks.         
Risk assessment : A risk assessment was carried out on 24/04/2022 .  A summary of identified risks is below:-
 Roads – About one mile of the walk is on a fairly quiet and not narrow country lane with grass verges.Walkers will be advised to face oncoming traffic. 
Terrain – Care must be taken on the steep descents to and ascents from Dinkley Brook. Also while getting over the fence where the stile has collapsed. Although a good section  of the walk is by the River   Ribble  paths are very broad so there is no need to be close by it (unless one chooses to do so).
 Livestock – Dogs must be kept under control in fields where there is livestock and also in woods where there may be  ground-nesting birds at this time of year.                              
Start time and meeting point : Meet at 12.30 near the Black Bull or the church in Old Langho. Grid reference 701358. The
post code for the Black Bull Inn is BB6 8AW.  Parking. There is plenty of roadside space beyond the Black Bull.
Directions to the start : Old Langho is about 2 miles west of Whalley. Several minor roads lead to it. The 2 shortest are off the A59 Preston to Clitheroe road: one goes left down past the Northcote Manor Hotel just before the major Whalley roundabout, if you are coming from the Preston direction.(VERY soon on the right after the roundabout if coming from the Whalley /Clitheroe direction). Some road signs say Brockhall Village too (Adjacent to Old Langho).