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Walk Standard
This is rated an easy walk, with no significant risks or hazards expected.
Walk Leader
Alan Oliver
Walk Description
This easy-going circular walk along the River Tyne is approximately 5 miles on mostly level ground. Nontheless walking boots are recommended.
From our starting point outside the beautifyl Hexham Abbey  will walk through the historic town centre and briefly onto the main road (Alemouth Road) which  will take us over a small roundabout and railway bridge. Turning left at the next roundabout, which is just before the river bridge, we will walk into Tyne Green.Tyne Green is beautiful parkland right on the banks of the River Tyne.
We will walk through a broad avenue of mature trees running parallel to the river before taking the river path skirting the golf course with views across the river to a large Victorian house, The Hermitage, and on the wooded slope behind, you may glimpse St. John Lee Church. 
Further on we will reach Waters Meet, where the North and South Tyne join. The river along which our path continues is the South Tyne, flowing from the Pennines.  At this point we will follow a quiet lane and then join a path along the side of the railway line joining up with the path we came along and back into Tyne Green.
I’m unaware of anywhere to buy refreshments en route, so please bring lunch.
Start point and time
Hexham Abbey, Beaumont St, Hexham NE46  at 11.30am 
The Abbey is on Beaumont Road, where the road meets Market Street and Market Place.  The Abbey is also directly next to Hexham Park.
Alan on 07771 540 088