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Ever thought of supporting the Manchester Marathon but have drawn the line at running so far? Well perhaps here’s a way of doing your bit ……….

 We have had the following request from Manchester Marathon and Half Marathon, Jo Dean will explain:

“… would you be interested in volunteering opportunities for your club/group at the largest running event in Manchester.  
Volunteering is a fantastic way to engage with a sports event and we have a wide range of exciting volunteering roles available. They range from cheering on runners along the route, handing runners medals at the finish line or keeping them hydrated at one of our water stations (and much more)! 
….. In reward for volunteers’ valuable time, we give a monetary donation of up to £40 per person to your group or club (donation amount depends on the length of your shift).
….. We would love to have your support at these events and hope that you can join us for Manchester Marathon and Half Marathon 2021! 
Best wishes,  
Jo Dean 
Volunteer Manager Manchester Marathon and Half Marathon”
If you are interested in forming an Out on Sunday volunteer group, contact us (Geraint, Patrick or Phil) at general@outonsunday.co.uk                             
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        30 June 2021