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Booking a walk  The walk programme for the year is published on the website here and updated as needed throughout the year. Full details of each walk will be published on the website as they become available – this will usually be soon after the preceding walk. Booking for each walk will open when the details are published.

If you wish to book a place on a walk you need to use the link at the end of these notes. Your booking will be acknowledged and you will be added to the list of walkers. Should you need to cancel, please let the walk leader know – this is to prevent delay at the start of the walk.

Grading of  walks  Walk leaders will grade the walks in accordance with the following criteria :

Easy: Typically fairly short walks of 4 to 5 miles in length, be along well made paths, pavements, country lanes or canal towpaths and be largely on flat or gently sloping terrain. Examples: Altrincham Circular; Tatton Park.

Moderate: Typically slightly longer walks of 5 to 7 miles in length.They may include steeper gradients or flights of steps. They may include obstacles such as stiles as well as uneven terrain. Examples: Styal Woods; Lyme Park

Challenging: Typical these would be longer walks of 6 to 8 miles in length. They may include extended climbs and descents along steep paths or flights of steps.; uneven or rocky paths with trip hazards such as exposed tree roots; Obstacles such as vertical stiles or stiles in poor condition. Examples: Miller’s Dale; Stoodley Pike*Please note that the above grades are for general guidance only. Walkers should contact walk leaders if they have any concerns or require further details.

Walk cancellation  Very occasionally, due to severe weather or other unforeseen event, a walk may be cancelled.  In these instances, a note will be added to the website at least 2 hours before the scheduled start time.  Please check the website before you set out and if in doubt contact the walk leader using the contact number provided in the walk details.  Where possible, the walk leader will also attempt to contact all walkers booked on the walk (eg by text or WhatsApp message).

AYOR principle  Out on Sunday (OOS) is, and has always been, a group of friends who enjoy walking and socialising in the countryside and attractive urban spaces. OOS takes the safety and wellbeing of members and others very seriously, for this reason walk leaders are asked to carry out a risk assessment for each walk they lead. This information is made available to walkers before each walk.  You should however bear in mind that walk leaders are in most cases just walkers like yourself, and have no formal training or qualifications.  Consequently, neither OOS nor the walk leaders can accept any liability for any loss incurred or injury suffered while taking part in any OOS activities.  By taking part you acknowledge that you do so entirely at your own risk (AYOR).

COVID-19  All legal requirements and restrictions have now been removed but we ask that you do not attend any OOS walk if you have any symptoms of Covid 19.

Booking conditions  By booking a place on an OOS walk you confirm that you –

If you agree with the conditions of booking above please book your place on the walk by clicking the link below. This link is to an external site (Jotform) which OOS uses to record and validate your booking.

Booking link > > Irwell to Kersal Circular

“Stay Safe and Enjoy!”
OOS : April 2022